The Original Rigby Style Peep Sight

This elegant sight is reverse-engineered from the original Rigby peep sight.  Its functionality serves hunting, target shooting, and firearm restoration.

Original Peep Sight Specifications:

  • The sight height from center line of dovetail to center line of peep hole is .935″ (boreline) in downward position
  • The peep stem has a range of motion of .365″
  • The peep hole diameter is .068″
  • An adapter is available to accommodate most bolt-actions

Hunting dangerous game requires quick sight placement and followup shots.  The Rigby Peep sight provides both.

  • Tool-free height adjustment
  • The long sight radius improves accuracy
  • Peep sights help with quick sight placement
  • The stem can be locked into position for a specific yardage

Product review by Lee Helgeland in the Summer 2016 issue of Gunmaker Journal of Custom Gunmaking below.


  •  Sight only: $300.00 + Shipping and Handling
  •  Sight with adapter: $320.00 + Shipping and Handling
  •  Due to the variety of bolt action rifles, installation price will be given upon request.  Sights are sold in the white.

To Order:

  • Send an email to or use the contact form at the bottom of this page
  • Title the subject of your e-mail or “rigby peep sight” and specify your interest
  • We will provide you with an invoice, where you will have the option to pay with credit card online or check through the mail

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