Low Profile Rigby Style Peep Sights

There is no need to choose between a scope and peep sight when you can have both on the same rifle!

After many requests, we developed a low profile cocking piece sight that can be used while the scope is attached.

The ideal setup for dangerous game includes both a scope and peep sight.

  • Quick sight-placement. Time matters with close encounters with dangerous game.
  • Fast and easy scope mounting. All you need to do is lower the peep stem before installing the scope.
  •  Ready for dangerous game, anytime. The sight is already attached and sighted in before your hunt. No need for fumbling through your pack for the right sight.

There is no need to choose between a scope and peep sight when you can have both on the same rifle.

The Low Profile Rigby Style Peep Sight can stay mounted with an attached scope, and

  • is compatible with quick-release scope rings and mounts
  • works well with low profile front sights
  • is an ideal setup for dangerous game rifles

Low Profile Peep Sight Specifications:

  • The sight height from center line of dovetail to center line of peep hole is .800″ (boreline) in downward position
  • The peep stem has a range of motion of .365″
  • The peep hole diameter is .068″
  • An adapter is available to accommodate most bolt-actions

Hunting dangerous game requires quick sight placement and followup shots.  The Rigby Peep sight provides both.

  • Tool-free height adjustment
  • The long sight radius improves accuracy
  • Peep sights help with quick sight placement
  • The stem can be locked into position for a specific yardage


  •  Sight only: $300.00 + Shipping and Handling
  •  Sight with adapter: $320.00 + Shipping and Handling
  •  Due to the variety of bolt action rifles, installation price will be given upon request.  Sights are sold “in the white”.

To Order:

  • Send an email to john@mclaughlincustomfirearms.com or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Title the subject of your e-mail or “low profile rigby peep sight” and specify your interest.
  • We will provide you with an invoice, where you will have the option to pay with credit card online or check through the mail.
Low Profile Rigby Style Cocking Piece Sight

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