McLaughlin Old World Stock Finish

After years of experimenting with gunstock finishes, we decided to make our own. McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Finish and McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Sealer provide a sought-after finish for high grade rifles and are simple to use with restoration of antique firearms.   This product makes stocks very easy to maintain with trouble-free touch up when necessary, so our customers can touch up their own scratches at home with ease.

McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Oil is an in-the-wood finish and not meant for build up on top of the wood.  The 4 oz. bottle of finish is enough to finish 3-5 stocks.  Once the desired finish is achieved, then the McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Sealer should be added on top for moisture and weather protection.  An advantage to using McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Sealer is the versatility of desired finishes that can be achieved.  Application techniques can create anywhere from a satin look to a high gloss finish.  Please see the link for instructions.  The 2 ounces of sealer is enough for years of re-application, which is recommended every six months and/or before hunting season.

Our rifles do not leave the shop without the combined use of McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Oil and McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Sealer.

Price:  $25.00 includes one 4-oz. jar of McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Oil,  one 2-oz. container of McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Sealer, and shipping.  Call 406-422-0867 to order.

For additional uses and suggestions, click click here. Click the photos below for instructions relating directly to how to use this product to finish your stock. Enjoy!

Stock Oil Instructions – Filled Pore
Open Pore
Stock Oil Instructions – Open Pore