.470 Nitro Double

This double was made for a client that requested it be built on his Browning BSS 12 gauge frame.  It was chambered in .470 Nitro.

All metal work was completed in house with the exception of the rear sight and front sight bead.  The barrels were slow rust blued using Pelkington’s combined with a secret ingredient that brings out the bluish color.  The action, forearm assembly, and grip cap were french grayed.  With the exception of checkering, the stock work was completed in house.  If you like the finish on the stock, check out McLaughlin’s Old World Gunstock Finish and Gunstock Sealer.

I purchased the English walnut in 1995 with big plans for a personal project.  But as life gets busy, and business gets busier, I never got around to it.  Many years later, my long time friend and customer jokingly asked, “Hey, do you still have that piece of wood?”  I replied that I did, and he insisted that it go on his gun.  I hesitated to sell it to him, but after much convincing, we came to a mutual agreement.  The wood ended up gracing a much more deserving rifle, and I was able to drop the previous project without regret.